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We’re there for you and look for­ward to your mes­sage. This is how you can reach us:

Tele­fon: +49 (0)30 – 327 617 0

E-​Mail: mail@​schirp.​com

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As a follow-​up to our cli­ent we­binars on Wir­e­card and Ernst Young we are provid­ing the fol­low­ing down­loads for you to read:

from March 2021

    from July 2021

    from December 2021

    from March 2022

      How to reach us

      Schirp & Part­ner Recht­san­wälte mbB
      Leipzi­ger Platz 9
      10117 Ber­lin, Germany

      Phone: +49 (0)30 – 327 617 0
      Fax: +49 (0)30 – 327 617 17
      E-​Mail: mail@​schirp.​com

      Legal Advisory Label

      Please take note that we can not answer consultatively here. If you happen to request that anyways, you may give us full power of attorney. For that, simply download this form, sign it and return it to us.


      Law firm Schirp & Partner awarded yet again

      The busi­ness magazine “Cap­ital” and the mar­ket re­searcher Statista an­nu­ally se­lect the best law firms in seven disciplines.

      Spezialisten der Hinhalte-Taktik

      ThomasLloyd ver­tröstet die Fond­san­leger ein wei­t­eres Mal Bild von Ralph auf Pixabay Der AAA hat heute von seinen Mit­gliedern eine Rundmail aus dem Hause ThomasLloyd er­hal­ten, die sich durch zwei Dinge aus­zeich­net: Wort­reichtum und In­haltsleere. Die Cleantech Man­age­ment GmbH hat am 26. April 2023 die An­leger der Zweiten, Drit­ten bzw. Fün­ften Cleantech In­frastruk­turgesell­schaft mbH & Co. KG […]

      Wirecard: Development in the model proceedings – invitation to the webinar

      At the be­gin­ning of May 2023, we would like to in­vite you to an­other webinar.

      “Project Everest”: EY stops split-​up plans">Project Everest”: EY stops split-​up plans

      EY has sur­pris­ingly stopped the planned split of its audit and con­sult­ing business.

      Wirecard: German audit watchdog imposes record fine on EY

      The aud­itor watch­dog has found massive breaches of duty at EY in con­nec­tion with the Wir­e­card scandal.

      Further Purchase Offers For P&R Insolvency Claims

      Schirp & Part­ner rep­res­ent an Anglo-​Saxon fin­an­cial in­vestor mak­ing new pur­chase of­fers for P&R in­solv­ency claims.

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